The Cutting Edge Martial Arts Centre is run By Sensei Monique Maguire and her family. 

























Qualifications & Experience

More than 29 years of Martial Arts experience

10 years Early childhood education experience

Cert. III Community Services (Children's Services)

Current First Aid/CPR Certificate

ASC - Beginning Coaching

Play By The Rules - Child Protection -Harassment & Discrimination

NCAS - Bronze level Karate Coach

AMAC - A Class International Referee & National Referee

AMAC - Assistant National Technical Commissioner

AMAC - QLD official of the year 2013

AMAC - AUS official of the year 2013

3rd Dan Black Belt Kaku Shin Ku Ryu

2nd Dan Black Belt Kenshin Kan - Full contact Karate

1st Dan Black Belt Australian Shotokan Karate Academy




Monique Maguire - Martial Arts History

Monique started her Karate journey at the young age of 10. 3mths after her 13th birthday she was graded 1st Dan Black Belt with the Australian Shotokan Karate Academy. Around this time she also started her tournament career, not having much success except at local tournaments. Monique finally made her mark on the National All Styles (NAS) tournament circuit with a first placing in the teams fighting at the NAS Australian Titles in Perth in 1996. This was the confidence boost she needed, from this point on Monique consistently placed in the top 3 in all her tournament events. In 1998 Monique moved on to a new style known as Kenshin Kan International Full Contact Karate being assed as a 1st kyu in April of 1998, then grading to 1st Dan in December of the same year.  

Her Tournament success continued with a 1st placing in the Women's open Black Belt Point Sparing, 3rd Women's open continuous & 2nd in the women's team point sparing at the 1990 National All Styles Australian Titles. Monique Graded to 2nd Dan in the year of 2000 once again having huge success with top 3 placing s in 4 out of 5 events.​


After taking a break from karate, meeting her husband and having 2 beautiful children Monique decided to return to karate. Living locally in Oxenford Monique stumbled across A karate club literally just around the corner from home. Joining the club in 2010 Monique has returned to training with gusto and made a return to tournament competition. Again having success at the 2011 Australian Martial arts Championships with 2 first placing's in point sparing and 2nd placing's in both the freestyle sparing and full contact events. Also broadening her skills and becoming an accredited Judge for the AMAC circuit.  In 2013 she was the Australian Martial Arts Championships - Official of the Year both at a state level and National Level.

More recently Monique has continued to expand on her extensive study of the martial arts and taken up Muay Thai Training 5 days a week at Souther Stars Muay Thai under Elite level world champion trainer Adrian Ormrod & Heavyweight Wold Champion Nick Atkins. 

Having had a career in Early Childhood Education for 10 years Monique brings a wealth of knowledge to her classes as the owner and Instructor specialising in teaching children. With a full syllabus for ages and abilities, the Cutting Edge Martial Arts Centre is the perfect place to study Martial Arts, whilst feeling supported. 

The Cutting Edge Martial Arts Centre is a product of a dedicated to her study of Karate over the past 30years.

Monique's favourite saying is...

"If you always do what you've always done,

You'll always get what you've always got!"


So why don't you try something different and see what you get?