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The Cutting Edge Martial Arts Centre is a full-time training facility for Martial Artists. The Centre is equipped with a fully matted training area, complete with punching bags and other training equipment, designed to inspire you to train hard, improve your skills and have fun. The Centre additionally has a comfortable waiting area for spectators and a fully stocked pro shop. Toilet, shower and change-room facilities are also available.


​The Training Area

Completed with 30mm EVA Jigsaw Mats, the Dojo floor is a safe and reliable training area equipped for a wide range of Karate drills. Mirrored walls allow students to correct their stances, posture and technique effectively. A selection of punching and kick bags allows students to safely practice their techniques.

Reception & Pro Shop

The reception area offers visitors an inviting feel and all the information they need to make an informed decision and pick a class that best suits them. Also found here is our pro shop where you can get most of your martial arts needs. 


Waiting Areas 

Equipped with 2 comfortable waiting areas at the dojo, these are perfect for parents to watch their children during class. The first is a tiered seating bench located adjacent to the training area and the second is grandstand seating located in the courtyard. Both areas overlook the main training area with excellent views. 

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