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Mini Karate is an introduction to karate.  developing essential skills that can be carried across to becoming school ready. Our Mini Karate kids develop motor skills - balance coordination, agility. They develop confidence and an excellent self concept and heightened self esteem. Respect and following instructions is a big part of what our Mini Karate kids learn helping prepare them for school and life.  All you need to do is contact us to book your child in to a Mini Karate class and your child can start receiving the benefits Mini Karate has to offer.



Mini Karate provides a uniform for your child to use at each class called a 'Gi'. The 'Gi' consists of 3 pieces the top, pants and a belt known as an 'Obi'.  The children wear this uniform over the top of there day  cloths and are encouraged to dress them selves - assistance is given if required.  The uniform  requierments  are  modifyed in hot weather when only the "Obi' is worn.  Wearing the uniform helps the children to feel apart of the class and creates a team like atmosphere, more so kids just love to dress up!!





Mini Karate provide EVA jigsaw mats for the children to train on. These matts serve two purposes....

firstly they provide a safe and suitable area fro the children to perform the required skills and drills that Mini Karate offer.

Secondly it gives the children a defined area that is solely used for there martial arts practice. with out the mats the children are not permitted to engage in activities provided by Mini Karate. the children are instructed that they can only practice Karate when they are on the Mats and wearing their 'Gi'. With this rule the children are very accepting that mini Karate is not something you practice on their friends at Child Care, School, at the park etc. 



Mini Karate provides all equipment required for participation in class, this includes kick bags, punching bags, mitts and all other required resources. All you need to do is ensure your child has a water bottle.



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